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Takasago Department



We play a key role in the production lines of major steelmakers.

  Takasago Unit  

Takasago Unit has approximately 150 specialists engaged in contracted operations of the production lines in Takasago Works of Kobe Steel.  Our main tasks are as follows:

- Cutting, refining and finishing ingots used for components for large marine vessels
- Operating locomotive to transport materials within the works
- Accepting, mixing and sorting steelmaking materials
- Selling flexible containers and granulated blast furnace slag


Principal equipment
Large automated cutting machine (3)


SHIMABUN Corporation Headquarters; 4-2-7 Iwayanakamachi, Nada-ku, Kobe-city, Hyogo 657-0845, Japan
Telephone: +81(0)78-871-5181 Facsimile: +81(0)78-802-9524

Sales Division Shimabun Kakogawa Building 4F, 1884-1 Ikeda, Onoe-cho, Kakogawa-city, Hyogo 675-0023, Japan
Telephone: +81(0)79-423-0392 Facsimile: +81(0)79-423-8380